Seniors@DigiWorld was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2016 - 2018.
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Fourth partner meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania

From 4th to 5th of June 2018 representatives of all partner organisations met in Kaunas in Lithuania. The 4th and last partner meeting served both to discuss concluded and to plan open project activities. They exchanged their experiences from the piloting period of the four national blended learning courses.

During the project, more than 45 multipliers working with seniors were qualified due to the Seniors@DigiWorld courses in the partner countries Lithuania, Rumania, Spain and Germany. They prepared, developed and conducted their own small digital services for their target groups. That’s why nearly 200 seniors in four countries had the opportunity to experience the usage of Tablet PCs. The oldest senior reached was a 87 years old person from Lithuania.

Joint findings from the course and upcoming project activities were discussed and planned by seven representatives of the project consortium in Kaunas. They summarised that the learning materials developed in the project can be used very flexibly. The blended learning course for multipliers is suitable for numerous working time models or volunteers. Furthermore, those responsible for the project were enthusiastic about the variety of participating institutions - such as libraries, senior citizens' home, senior citizens' leisure facilities, community centres - in all countries.

The last stage of the project, lasting until September 2018, was heralded in Kaunas: in Spain and Romania multiplier events will be organised; the guidelines for implementing a learning offer for seniors will be finalised in four languages and the publication of the five online courses will be prepared. All representatives expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to implement a European Erasmus+ partnership and the associated opportunity to develop and try out target group-specific offers to promote media literacy.

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