Seniors@DigiWorld was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2016 - 2018.
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Multiplier Event in Romania

In Romania, the multiplier event organized within the project "Connect Seniors to the Digital World" was held in Timisoara, on the 29th of June. A number of 21 representatives from different private NGOs and local public institutions attended the event. Participants were NGO employees and chiefs of the public services for elderly from Timis County and they represented a variety of centers and services as day care centers for seniors, homes and retirement houses for elderly people, home care services, and clubs for seniors.

In order to engage the participants in discussions and to have interactive sessions during the meeting, the multipliers participating in the pilot training together with a few seniors trained during the piloting implementation of training offer were invited to participate at the event and to share their own experience from the pilot course. Participants were excited to listen to the stories and experiences of the multipliers and seniors, and they addressed a range of questions, most of them being related to difficulties and challenges experienced during the implementation of the training offer with seniors. During the storytelling session, the atmosphere in the meeting room was very animated and all participants were involved in discussions.

The structure of the event was designed to combine general presentation of the project (including project objectives and outcomes), a detailed presentation of the pilot training course – structure of the entire training programme, training implementation methods with seniors and feedback from trainees - and also a detailed description of the Guidelines for the Implementation of the Seniors@DigiWorld Course in Non-Formal Learning Settings (See more here).

Presentations included information about the training curriculum and the online course Seniors@DigiWorld developed within the project, how this training tools can be used and where these resources can be accessed for free by multipliers interested to replicate the training module within their organizations and institutions. All participants were encouraged to access the resources - go through the materials, access the online learning environment and to plan a training course for their senior beneficiaries.

The event was a great opportunity to disseminate the project achievements and to involve almost all local and regional stakeholder organizations/institutions working with seniors and replicate with them the course for multipliers developed within the project lifetime.