Seniors@DigiWorld was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2016 - 2018.
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Lessons Learned Report from the Pilot of the Seniors@DigiWorld Course

The Lessons Learned Report is aimed at organisations that provide training courses, conduct regional and national training campaigns, and implement projects to qualify multipliers. It gives advice to training providers on how to exploit the outputs developed in the project, based on the piloting experiences of the consortium. The outputs – learning course, curriculum, online courses, learning materials, and guidelines – together comprise a comprehensive training resource which can be used as a whole or from which training providers can pick suitable parts. Therefore the lessons learned:

  • inform about the training resource developed during the CSDW project.
  • motivate to use the training resource and thereby have the same impact on the target groups
  • provide information on different implementation approaches in order to facilitate the transfer of the training resource to other contexts.

Lessons Learned from the Pilot of the Seniors@DigiWorld Course
Download: Lessons Learned (PDF, 1 MB)